About Us

We fell in love with air plants for so many reasons. For one reason they are forgiving. If you forget to water them weekly you can water them more the next time and they will still thrive (as long as not too much time has not passed). Another reason is that they are easy to take care of as they only require water and indirect light. Though the most important reason is they teach a valuable lesson in life. Many of the plants are just green for a long time but with enough patience (which could be years!) they create the most beautiful blooms. Life is like that. With patience life can be beautiful.

We try to reduce, reuse, and recycle when possible. The birch bark container is created from Birch trees that have fallen down on our properties during the years, often all that remains is the bark of the tree. Each of our containers are unique. They may be the circle as a remembrance of the tree's life or may be a piece of the bark that has started to curl as it weathers the storms of life.  We try our best to match the right bark creation to each plant or group of plants. 

We also offer glass jars as containers. These jars could have been glasses or food containers now reused as a special home for the beautiful air plants.

If you have a special request for the type of container you are looking for, please email us at help@valleyviewridge.com or enter in the notes of your order.

We look forward to bringing nature to you and brightening your day!