Special Events

We love making special events unique and perfect. Moments in time become of the memories of a lifetime.

We create creations for special events like baby showers, weddings and corporate events.

We will bring the creations and set-up so that you have time to focus on your event.


Imagine a wedding where air plants centerpieces are on the tables for guests. Your guests are able to take home a plant that will remind them of your special event for years to come!


Imagine your child leaving for college in Fall. Dorm rooms do not have a lot of room and plants are a natural way to destress. Send an air plant with your student. The plants are forgiving when not watered and require no dirt.

Corporate Events

Imagine a company gift of an air plant for each employees. Watch productivity increase and stress decrease for employees working at their desk and employees working from home!

Additional Information

E-mail us at help@valleyviewridge for more information.

Link to Special Event Plants