What is an Air Plant?

What are Air Plants?

A year ago, we would have asked the same question! They seem to have become more popular the last few years. Their scientific name is Tillandsia with almost 700 different species. They are typically very small plants (some are less than an inch in size) that take years to grow. They grow in Mexico, Central America, South America and the southern United States.

What makes them unique is that they don't need dirt. Just water, air and sunshine. They grow by using their roots to hold on trees or rocks but get their nutrient from the air through their leaves. They provide oxygen and clean their air. Weekly soaking in water for 25 minutes rehydrates the plants. They drink from their leaves not their roots (the roots are used to attach to trees and rocks). They can grow in most temperatures though enjoy warmer temperatures but continue to thrive down to 40 degrees.

These plants only bloom ones in their lifetime. Pups or baby plants are produced when the original plant is nearing the end of life. Once the original plant has died each pup will grow to be an adult plant that then flowers and process repeats. This process takes months to  years based on the species of the air plant.

These plants are great for small spaces like dorms or apartments. They help bring a part of nature to you wherever you live.