Tectorum Ecuador Air Plant on Rock
Tectorum Ecuador Air Plant in Glass Jar
Tectorum Ecuador Air Plant on Birch Bark

Tectorum Ecuador

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This air plant is approximately 2 inches in height and width. It does not need much water. Unlike other air plants that soak weekly just misting every other week will keep this plant happy and healthy. This plant also needs more sun than other air plants. Please put in a window with direct sunlight. Do not fertilize.

All birch bark is unique. Pictures are examples. We will select bark that fits your plant. Jar pictures also serve as an example as we have various sizes and shapes to select from.

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Tectorum Ecuador Prickle fuzzy plant

I purchased the Tectorum Ecuador plant. The plant and container arrived quickly and in a nicely packaged box. We call it Ms. Prickles as it is fuzzy but yet looks like it would be prickly. Super easy to care for a it only takes a quick mist once a week.

I plan to order from Valley View Ridge again in the very near future!